OPPOSITION political parties should come up with strong alliances because having fragile pacts will make it difficult to defeat the ruling Patriotic Front, says Republican and Progressive Party (RPP) leader, Musendeka James Lukuku.

He said since political alliances were aimed at bringing people together, they should approached with maturity.

Mr Lukuku said his party would not fully participate in the August election, but that it had resolved to support the opposition UPND with the sole purpose of uniting the country.

“We as RPP have found amicable means of working with the opposition UPND as a way of taking part in the August election this year, and it is encouraging that our party with less structure has been welcomed,” he said.

Mr Lukuku said approaching the PF with ‘kid-gloves’ would make it difficult for the opposition to win the election, adding that alliances should be formed to focus on the development of Zambia.

He said there was no tribalism in Zambia, but politicians who wanted to play a tribal game.

Mr Lukuku said his party was determined to see a violent free nation.

“There is no commitment to improve the welfare of youths because those are the same people politicians are using as tools of violence, if they find the youths something to do, they will not achieve their agenda of violence,” he said.

Mr Lukuku urged youths to refuse to be used by politicians’ quest to ascend into power, because their participation in the governance system was imperative.

He said there were some people who wanted to fuel confusion, adding that there was lack of respect for democratic tenets as most of the politicians do not understand democracy.

Mr Lukuku said the whole essence of democracy was to ensure all the views were respected and not abused.


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  1. Promise says:

    When was this party formed? How many councillors or MPs do they have? If only these questions can be answered, then the support is merely stage managed. How do you form a party merely to support others. These are just time wasters in our political dispensation .


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