Speculation that former Zambia State Intelligence Service (ZSIS) chief Xavier Chungu was on the run from the law and that the Zambian Government was also hunting for Moses Katumbi, former governor of Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were totally unfounded.

And Mr Chungu has said he was enjoying freedom and leading a happy life in Zambia and was in good books with the government.

Mr Chungu said there was no ban on Mr Katumbi who had served Zambia well during the time of President Frederick Chiluba by using his business connection to import maize at a time Zambia was facing a shortage.

“He used his own resources to bring in maize which was sold at a low price,” he said.

Mr Chungu said during the transition between Dr. Chiluba and President Levy Mwanawasa outstanding issues had been possibly tackled and resolved.

“They shook hands and Moses had continued to come to Zambia without any let or hindrance.

Mr Katumbi who used to be Governor of Katanga province is now a member of an opposition group and rumours have been rife that he was being sought by the Zambian government.

“For the Congolese, who do not know Katumbi, they must be reminded that he supported the revolution that brought in President Laurent Kabila.  He used his own money to help finance and achieve change in Congo.”

Mr Katumbi, he said, used his own personal C130 aircraft to facilitate the movement of troops and in Lubumbashi he used stocks of his own food to provide and feed revolutionaries.

Most people in Katanga did not realize that there was a war because he supplied food at no cost,” Mr Chungu said.

In spite of his immense wealth, he said, Mr Katumbi remained down to earth and enjoyed good rapport with the Zambian leadership.

“It was therefore unfortunate that there were fabricated stories that the Zambian Government wanted to arrest him,” Mr Chungu said.