Dear Editor,

I write in response to President Edgar Lungus declaration that he was going to adopt a woman as his running mate in the August general elections, dashing the hopes of the men who have been positioning themselves for the position in both the PF and the would-be formed alliance partner, MMD (Sunday Nation, February 21, 2016).

Gone are the days when women just existed as full-time housewives who cooked, cleaned and reared children.

Today women have proven their worth in various fields. They are captains of the corporate world and Government ministers. The Zambian woman is equal to any task: all she has to do is give of her best and the sky will be the limit.

Who would have thought that a woman would emerge as a Vice President in Zambia? But here we are, with Her Honour Inonge Wina?  Oh, hail the Zambian woman.

So the question being asked by many people is: Just what has compelled the President to go for a woman running mate?  It is common knowledge that apart from its traditional strongholds, the PF leadership for a time had been looking for a running mate who would bring in more votes from either the Western or North- Western provinces following the party’s excessive internal haemorrhage in Northern and Muchinga provinces caused by Miles Sampa and GBM’s defections.

The duo were miffed when they realized that they were no longer in the PF’s succession plan, and decided to go against the party’s form book.

Nevertheless, their defections have distressed the ruling party in the region. With their departure from the PF, Northern and Muchinga provinces voting patterns are surely going to be reconfigured, and pundits are already wondering what might happen at the elections.

To this end and taking into account regional balances and gender parity, the PF plans to make forays into other vote-rich and populous provinces, seeking a suitable female running mate.

Unknown to many, though, the MMD internal wrangles are due to the fact that the two factional leaders Felix Mutati and Nevers Mumba are of Bemba ethnicity from Northern and Muchinga provinces respectively that have seemingly been positioning themselves for the position of running mate to the PF presidential candidate in the yet-to-be formed PF-MMD alliance for the 11 August polls.

Mubanga Luchembe, Lusaka


Turn building to better use

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in our daily paper.

I want to request the owners of former AGIP filling station which Total company eventually bought.

Now, the building which used to be a shop is in bad shape, posing a health hazard. Tramps are using it as resting place. The whole place is pasted with card board papers.

The place is centrally situated and once renovated can help the council raise revenue by using it as licensing and rates office.

Besides the owner will be getting rental income. I beg the owners of the premises to do something or better still surrender or donate it to the local authority who will use it as offices.

Let us not have the notion of blaming everything on Government while we have an obligation to contribute to the upkeep of our environment.

Abraham Nkunika


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