Terror rules Lusaka bus stations


Let me thank and commend Lusaka provincial youth chairman Mr Kamba for taking steps to deal with the threat of the so-called American 2 PF vigilante group that has been terrorizing bus stations in the city.

I am one of the drivers at Lumumba station who has been living in fear of the America 2. The group has been so bad that when you open your mouth to complain, the chairman reports you for what they term as discipline. You can be beaten or put in police cells for no reason.

These people are destroying the party in the markets and bus stations. The Chazanga route is becoming worse. Mr Kamba please come and rescue us here in Lumumba station, especially Chazanga route in particular.

Concerned driver,  Chazanga.


Money-spinning churches


Kindly allow me to comment on subject matter ‘Greedy preachers caned’ published in your paper of 15th February, 2016. I totally agree with the author of the article. A good number of clergymen/women have turned their churches into money-spinning industries. They entice their flock to pay lots of money all in the name of sowing the seed. The huge amounts of money realized from mostly poor congregants are for personal use by the pastor or a particular church. This trend is very common among Pentecostal churches. Some pastors have even gone to the extent of establishing ATMs at their churches so that congregants have no excuses of not having money. This whole business stinks and should be stopped.

Disappointed Christian, Lusaka


 Diplomats dont vote


HH and his new found friends at the Post should not be deceived by the visit of those diplomats. None of them is a voter. And their children in Zambia don’t have any influence on Zambian voters. I wish our President Edgar Lungu God’s favour and a comfortable first round victory in August.

C. Phiri



Election day of prayer


President Edgar C. Lungu must declare Wednesday August 10 as a day of prayer and fasting from 6 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening so that whatever the devil is planning to do on and after the polling day does not come to pass.

Danny street vendor, Kulima Tower






HH help we undecided voters


Cats are known to see in the dark yet if you had sight like a cat, even for one day, would you really want to see what is in the dark? Hakainde Hichilema talks so passionately of how he will solve Zambia’s growing problems but is he ready to face what President Lungu is facing now like load shedding, depreciating Kwacha, university riots etc. I would love HH to answer this and know how he intends  to solve these problems. Your answer, Sir, Mr HH, will help us the undecided voters to decide.

Tryo Mukupa, Matero youth






The shame of Uganda


What democracy? Watching the scenes that led to Museveni’s 5th term should be very embarrassing for African democracy. When opposition leaders are put under house arrest, we can’t call it democracy. Ugandans deserve better leadership, whichever way one looks at it.

Charles Mbale





Boko Alamu comes to Lusaka


Here in George compound near Mbuye Ealyer we are in problems with a group of thugs calling themselves Boko Alamu. Even during the day people are harassed, beaten.  What are police doing about it? Please help us we the day and night sufferers.

Mutantabobwa TFM. George compound, Lusaka


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