MATERO residents have raised concern over the garbage that some people are throwing in drainages in the area at a time when cholera has broken out in Kanyama just across town.

The residents said that garbage that was not properly disposed of was a major source of concern for everyone because it was the same garbage that led to outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.

It was worrying to see how people threw garbage anyhow even in drainages, causing flooding when it rains.

The residents have said that a blocked water drain was a danger because it puts at risk the health of many people especially children who playing in the streets.

Ms Febby Ngwira, a Matero resident, said it was not healthy for people to be throwing garbage carelessly because it was the cause of deadly outbreaks of disease.

Ms. Ngwira said that the residents of Matero should learn from the occurrence in Kanyama and try their best to maintain a healthy environment.

She said urged residents not to dispose garbage in the streets or drainages because they were endangering the lives of other people.

‘‘If the people throwing garbage in the streets have no concern whatsoever for their lives, at least they should try to consider others who make sure the surroundings, streets and drainages were free of litter all the time,’’ said Ms Ngwira.

Ms. Ngwira urged the Lusaka City Council to punish anyone found throwing garbage anyhow and teach residents how to maintain their environments clean and healthy.

Mr Jonathan Zulu another resident of Matero said the people who throw garbage in wrong places have no regard for human life and as such they should not be allowed to go scot free because their actions were likely to affect a lot of people and some of them may end up losing their lives.

Mr. Zulu said it was saddening that with the outbreak of cholera in Kanyama and some parts of the province there were still some people who did not understand that cleanliness was one way of fighting the disease.

And Matero’s Muchinga Ward 24 councillor Lee Mukupa said that it was important for the people to understand that they were responsible for their health and should not be throwing litter anyhow.

Mr. Mukupa said that it was the responsibility of every resident to keep the township clean or else they would be risking their own lives.

‘’Am appealing to residents not just in Matero  but in other areas to ensure that they keep and maintain clean environment and they should understand that garbage should not be thrown anyhow especially not in drainages because once the drainages are blocked they will be the ones to suffer the consequences,’’ said Mr Mukupa.-Millennium Radio 90.5

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