As we approach the 11 August which is the day of elections, the criminals and tax evaders are becoming uncomfortable and wished that we did not have a lawyer as President but another corrupt person who would be scared to raise a red flag in fear that they will report him or her in their newspaper.

Light and darkness are always in a serious battle, but those who are on the side of light should not feel intimidated or discouraged at the roughness of the road to victory because the light of God shall shine through them and eventually victory is certain. The darkness has no chance in this country because its purpose is to hurt the children of God by being false witnesses, by lying in God’s name and by working to impress man. Those on the side of darkness find association with the imperialists as something to be proud of.

It was laughable when I read that 15 diplomats met HH, which was true but what was not true was that they met him because he is expected to win the elections this year and that because they have confidence in him, actually they omitted to say that it was actually HH who invited them for a luncheon at his residence.

One thing which HH and his new image builders ought to take into account is that lies have only temporary benefits, but when one is caught the repercussions are terrible. Only those things founded on integrity succeed.

I appeal to Zambians across the country to ignore the lies and propaganda that are being spread by the Post newspaper, Muvi TV, Hot FM and one online publication, the Zambia Watchdog; they are doing  so on an agenda.

Zambians now know what they need even in this time of economic hardship and slump. All that President Edgar Lungu needs to do to help his party is to come up with mechanism of reaching out to many through various channels of communication. He must make it a point that economic experts explain economic issues and similarly  governance issues should be explained by governance experts of the party, legal issues  must  be explained by lawyers of the party, agricultural issues must be explained by agriculture experts and leave general issues to Frank Bwalya.

I can assure him that by the end of the campaign period, all the lies, all the propaganda and malice will have no impact on those who are currently only fed with lies by the masters of propaganda.

There is no one to ask HH what his position is on liberalization of the economy, there is no one to strongly demand to know HH’s position on gender equality, there is no one to demand to know what HH’s position is on gay rights and homosexuality, there is no one to demand to know HH’s stance on tribalism and privatization.Tthese are some of the issues the media and the diplomats accredited to Zambia should be asking, because there is a tendency by some Western diplomats who always support politicians and media houses that champion  homosexuality and gay rights.

The current situation clearly shows a unique pattern of support. I’m sure many Zambians have seen that most Christians, other genuine religious bodies as well as diplomats, are faithfully supporting Edgar Lungu while  those that advocate for alien culture such as homosexuality and gay rights are supporting others.

It’s not for me to draw conclusions, I leave to majority Zambians who cannot speak out, that is the constituency I serve.

I hate it when some politicians lie against the President who means well for this country. What else would Zambians expect from a man who always puts his people first? I’m alive to the fact that he sometimes makes mistakes, many mistakes for that matter, but always ready to correct them. How do we reciprocate his love for us? It is by defending his good intentions and policies.

I have no doubt Zambia is poised for heavy investment and  unprecedented  economic development, starting from the last quarter of 2016.

Let us continue to support leaders who look at us as  equals and reject those who think they are superior to us.

Enock Chulu, Lusaka