KANYAMA residents have commended the Ministry of Health, Lusaka City Council and other well-wishers on their effective response to the cholera outbreak in the area.

The residents have said that it was gratifying that the ministry, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company and the council joined hands in ensuring that the deadly disease did not spread any further.

They said that the commitment that has been shown by groups and organizations to end the spread of the cholera virus in  Kanyama and surrounding areas was commendable and the people of Kanyama needed to show appreciation where it was due.

Michael Kapompo a resident of Kanyama said that the residents have received help from different people and organisations who have worked hard in ensuring that cholera did not spread since the first case was reported on 6th February.

Mr. Kapompo said had it not been for the rapid response and concerted efforts by the people involved including the Red Cross Society many people would have lost their lives.

He said the cholera outbreak had left a lot of people sad and scared and that was why residents were grateful that many people got involved to ensure that it did not spread any further.

Mr Kapompo however urged the council, LWSC and the Ministry of Health to ensure that they monitor the water and sanitation in different areas of Lusaka Province from time to time and not wait until a waterborne disease broke out like the one in Kanyama.

He said that it was important that action was taken before people suffer or lose their lives.

‘’In as much as we appreciate the efforts that have been made to contain the cholera virus, as residents we also feel if we had been given the necessary attention in the first place such a calamity would not have happened and that is why the authorities should learn a lesson from these events and know the importance of monitoring how people live,’’ said Mr. Kapompo.

LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu said the council was working with support from the Zambia Army and the Zambia National Service to ensure that garbage was collected from Kanyama and surrounding areas.

Mr Habeenzu said the council was committed to ensuring that the compound was clean and safe for the people.

And LWSC public relations officer Nshamba Muzungu said that the water utility company was supplying free clean and safe water to the residents.

The Ministry of Health said it has put up surveillance and educational programmes to help disseminate health messages to the people. -Millennium Radio 90.5 FM

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