Whilst we appreciate, indeed feel good, to read and hear that our own HH hosted a luncheon for some foreign diplomats accredited to Zambia last Saturday at his residence, it is worth  noting and  perplexing that  the majority of African diplomats accredited to Zambia were not invited.

It is also perturbing to note that while he claims that the majority of Zambian have no food and paying high amounts in Kwacha per dollar he did not invite the poor. Why not invite some Zambians or some starving political cadres  for a luncheon or a cup of tea to explain and discuss  some of these economic  challenges, violence and free and fair elections, instead of  feasting the already well to do individuals?

I wish therefore to advise all our political leaders to be meek towards the people and emulate our Lord Jesus Christ who feasted and fed the starving masses with humility and love.

I find it demeaning and hypocritical for someone to claim that Zambians have no food and suffering, when we have never heard once upon a time that they dined with or hosted a luncheon for some of our starving and suffering citizens.

Leaving out Africa, the second largest continent in the world and its diplomats, for such an important occasion to talk about vital global issues such as governance, free and fair elections, ending violence and hunger, etc. may be  perceived hypocritical by many and  if not may be perceived  paradoxical in context.

Concerned Citizen, Chilanga.

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