It is not by coincidence, but it is actually by design, that Western foreign governments are taking a very visible presence in Zambian politics at this stage.

The intention is to position themselves against any measures that Government and the people of Zambia may take against individuals and institutions that perpetrate deliberate crimes intended to influence and undermine the forthcoming elections.

It is not by coincidence that the American government has made its presence visible in visits and public expression with those whose agenda it is to undermine the credibility of our State institutions by fabrications for which they should be prosecuted.

They know that any action by Government will elicit an immediate response from the 15 or so western governments that have seemingly endorsed the alliance of lies, hatred and calumny.

A good example is the Timor scam.

For the last few weeks the issue of a shadowy Israeli company called Timor has graced the pages of many publications both online and in a newspaper.  In the absence of a response from the government the report has been assumed to be credible.

Fortunately, the so-called letter from State House has been published and one glance at it shows that it is a laughable, ridiculous and amateurish attempt to reproduce a Government document.  Anyone who has worked in government will recognize it as the sham that it is.

The physical and content discrepancies expose the forgery.

For example the so-called contract period starts from 1st November 2015 to 30th September 2015.  Surely a serious letter cannot make such a fundamental mistake regarding the validity of a contract.

Secondly the classification, ‘extremely confidential’, repeated at the head and foot of the letter is totally alien to Government official correspondence; they were conjured by a sick mind.

Thirdly, the crest, or Coat of Arms, has “State House” in it, this is never repeated at the bottom of the document.

These are overkills intended to legitimize the forgery.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the content of the letter surpasses by far the functions of the Special Assistant to the President because the issues involved relate to a political campaign and no civil servant, however partisan, least of all a special assistant to the President, would be engaged at the level indicated in the letter.

This document is a forgery and yet like all fabrications and forgeries this is bound to pass without any action from the police.  This is wrong because it is undermining our governance systems while introducing doubts in the integrity of our electoral system.

The impression being created is that Government through Timor, seemingly employed by State House will manipulate and rig the 2016 elections.  In essence the minds of the Zambian people are being prepared not to accept the victory of the Patriotic Front even if it wins genuinely.

Judging from the aggressive and highly charged atmosphere in the country, violence, chaos and mayhem will follow at the foot of any PF success.

Such an eventuality is untenable, dangerous and must be contained by exposing the fraud for what it is and bringing those responsible to book.

It will be a great disservice to the nation if miscreants that forged the document, will not be held to account.

Firstly if indeed such a letter existed its interception in itself constitutes an offence because if such classification existed this would amount to intercepting secret Government communication.  But as the situation stands such correspondence does not exist. 

Therefore we would expect swift and expeditious resolution of the matter to set the record straight and put the minds of Zambian people at ease

Whoever fabricated the State House letter obviously also fabricated the Timor letter.

The failure by police to prosecute cases of theft of Government documents and fabrication and publication of such documents is now becoming a national security matter.

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  1. Frank Ng'uni says:

    Why is the government afraid of Funga and Meembe? These two are bent on destabilizing the country by all means because they feel they are more important than anyone else. Please cage them one and for all!


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