THE letter published in the Post Newspaper purporting to have been written by special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda is a forgery.

No such letter was generated by State-House.

The letter directing Zambia State Intelligence (ZSIS) Services to sign a contract with Timor, an Israeli company, was a complete fabrication replete with content errors.

“The very format of the letter and its contents are far from standard operating parameters and structures.  There are so many errors in the manner the letter was written and laid out.”

According to the letter, the contract between Timor Consulting and the Patriotic Front was set for the period 1st November 2015 to 30th September 2015.

In December last year, the Post Newspaper published another letter purportedly authored by Mr Chanda over a Zesco tender to STAG African Renewable Energy, which turned out to be a forgery.

The Ministry of Energy and Water Development rubbished the letter, stating that it had not received any instructions from Mr Chanda to consider awarding a Zesco Power Purchase Agreement tender to a company called STAG African Renewable Energy.

Ministry of Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Emelda Chola told the Daily Nation that it was not true that Mr Chanda had authored a letter directing her ministry to award a Zesco Power Purchase Agreement tender to a company allegedly linked to prominent Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho.

Brigadier General Chola said she had personally tried to check for the letter at the ministry registry but had not found it and concluded that there had never been such a letter.

“It is not true that Mr Chanda has written a letter to the ministry directing that the Zesco Power Purchase Agreement tender should be given to STAG African Renewable Energy tender.

‘‘I have not seen the letter nor have I seen the contents unless it is still on the way. In any case, there is a process but STAG African Renewable Energy is not even there.

‘‘I personally checked for the letter in the registry after I read the story and it had not been delivered. Maybe talk to Mr Chanda if he has written such a letter,”  Brig Gen Chola said at the time.

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