Juvenile ‘locked up’



THE Lusaka High Court has convicted three juveniles for the theft of a blackberry phone and a video game all valued at K1,300.

Before High Court Justice Mwiinde Siavwapa were three teenage boys charged with aggravated robbery of a mobile phone from another juvenile by threatening to cause and causing actual bodily harm before they confiscated the items from the victim.

The incidence happened at a funeral gathering in George Compound where the three waylaid the victim and  attacked him and got away with the items, beating him up in the process.

Mr Justice Siavwapa said parents were to blame for the mischief of juveniles especially those who were out of school because they failed to pay attention to them.

The Judge said it was the duty of every parent to take interest in whatever activities their children were involved in and that they must find viable pastimes for them to avoid ending up in trouble.

“Juveniles commit crimes due to lack of occupation hence the need for parents to be concerned with what they do with their pastime. The offenders need help and not punishment to help them become productive members of society,” Justice Siavwapa said.

He said many juveniles were falling into crime because their parents have left them alone and were not paying attention to what they were doing.

Justice Siavwapa, acting on recommendatiosn from social welfare sent the two older boys, 17 and 19 years-old, to Katombora Reformatory school to help them reform and become productive members of society but discharged the 15 year old based on age but on condition that he does not involve himself in any violent activities for one year or the case file would be revisited.

“Indeed they are first offenders but the crime they committed was very serious for their ages. The offenders need help more than punishment for them.

“I endorse reformatory recommendations for juvenile offenders 1(17yrs) and 3(19yrs)but for the second offender, I have decide to give him a chance at life, and I discharge him.

Facts of the offence were that on  20 or 21 August 2015, the juveniles while acting together did steal a mobile phone and video game, items belonging to Madalisto Banda.

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