‘Search all leaders for arms’

All leaders suspected of possessing offensive weapons should be investigated regardless of their political affiliation, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cozmo Mumba has said.

Zambia police on Saturday swung into action and apprehended 21 people suspected to be UPND cadres for unlawful drilling and being found in possession of offensive weapons.

Dr. Mumba commended the police for carrying out the operation to protect Zambians.

He suggested that such an operation should be intensified and extended to other political parties.

“The police should also investigate everyone involved in politics suspected to have offensive weapons; I would like to appreciate the Police for carrying out such an operation, it is a welcome move but must be extended to other parties as well,” he said.

Dr. Mumba anticipated that there would be bloodshed if other political parties were left unchecked.

He observed that there might be other parties with evil thoughts of planning to cause violence during and after the August general elections.

“If the police do not inspect all political parties and their leaders, we are likely to have an election full of blood in August, all political party leaders must be investigated regardless of their affiliation,” he said. Dr. Mumba urged the police to be vigilant to ensure that Zambians were protected.