N’cwala too close to the road


The N’cwala ceremony arena is too close to the Great East Road that every time it is taking place there is a traffic jam. Can’t another place be found the way the Kulamba ceremony arena is?




What did Chikwanda say in



In the Post newspaper of Saturday 28th February, 2014 it was reported that Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda caused the confusion that almost turned into fights in Parliament by his tribal remarks. I think being a citizen of this country, I have the right to know the truth. As a result I am demanding from Hon Chishimba Kambwili to bring Hon Alexander Chikwanda on TV for him to tell the nation what he said in Parliament and all what he wanted to say on that material day. We want the truth because it will set everyone free.

 Concerned citizen


Is it possible to see Donald Trump?


Is it possible for African ambassadors in America to go and see Donald Trump or to see opposition leader in any Western country?

Senior citizen


Opposition in Govt offices


Can the relevant authority take appropriate measures against civil servants who are busy campaigning for the opposition. Some are in top offices. These are the people hampering developmental programmes Government has embarked on.

Concerned Lusaka citizen




Don’t be fooled by the money


People of Zambia don’t be fooled by Edgar Lungu’s money he is giving you in the markets. Ask yourself: will these loans continue after elections? Ask him to use that money to reduce cost of electricity and mealie meal. Just get the money and vote PF out on 11/08/2016.

KM, Lusaka

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