Kabwe council on cholera alert


Measures to prevent a possible outbreak of cholera in Kabwe have been intensified, the Kabwe municipal council has announced.

And Kabwe Central PF member of Parliament James Kapyanga has disclosed that three boreholes are bring sunk in three separate wards in his constituency to avert water shortages that was being experienced by the constituents.

Kabwe Town clerk Ronald Daka said the local authority had intensified garbage collection from collection points such as markets.

Mr Daka also said the council would soon be carrying out random tests on foodstuff sold in shops, markets and on the streets to determine whether they were safe from Cholera Bacteria contamination.

“We have intensified garbage collection from all collection points but we want to urge people to desist from indiscriminate disposal. We shall also soon be carrying out some random tests on foodstuffs sold on the streets, markets and shops,” he said.

Mr. Daka called on Kabwe residents to be buying food only from designated places such as markets and butcheries for meat products.

He bemoaned the increase of vendors dealing in edible produce on the streets.

“We would like to urge people to desist from buying foodstuffs anyhow but restrict themselves to designated areas such as markets and butcheries for meat products because these places are given certificates to conduct such business after meeting guidelines,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kapyanga said to beef up water supply and avert the outbreak of contagious diseases, three boreholes would be sunk in Kalonga, Mpima and Waya wards using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

He however did not state the total cost of the project.

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