Love message exposes adulterous affairs


A love message sent to a married woman has exposed adulterous affairs with the man being fined K10, 000 as compensation to the troubled husband.

This is a matter in which 26-year-old Daniel Phiri of Lusaka’s Kabanana was dragged to court by Roy Mwanza for adultery after sending a love message to Susan Mwanza.

“I want to kill him (Roy Mwanza) for you but I don’t know how, I love you, mwaa, let’s meet at the usual place, give me your budget so that I attend to you because you are my sweetie”.

The case was heard by senior court magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court.

Mwanza, 42, of Chipata compound told the court that he sued Phiri because of the message he found on his wife, Susan’s phone.

Mwanza produced the phone before court so that the message could be recorded as evidence.

He explained that he was disturbed that Phiri wanted to kill him so that he could take over Susan.

Mwanza said it was evident as seen by the message that Phiri was in the habit of making love with Susan and that he wanted to be compensated.

He said he wondered why Phiri, 26,was flirting with his wife, Susan who was 35.

Susan testified that she decided to start refreshing her mind with Phiri because she was going through problems with Mwanza.

She testified that Mwanza’s church has a lot of restrictions which could not make them to be happy like other married people.

In defence, Phiri denied having an adulterous affair with Susan.

Phiri explained that Susan was just a businesswoman from who he used to buy sausages.

He denied sending a message to kill Mwanza but said that he sent a love message to Susan because she was a good Auntie and it was a way of greeting her.

Phiri was ordered to pay the fine in monthly instalments of K500.