THE Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has resolved to postpone its national convention until after the general elections in August to allow its president Edith Nawakwi to contest the presidency.

But FDD founder member Brebner Changala has said he is shocked that Ms Nawakwi could decide to cling to the party presidency by refusing to be subjected to party electorate since she was first elected 11 years ago.

Yesterday, FDD’s National Policy Committee (NPC) deferred its national party conventional breaching the party constitution.

FDD vice-president Chifumu Banda briefed the media that NPC had resolved that the National Convention would be held from 9 to 11 December, 2016.

Briefing the media on the resolutions, Mr Banda said all members of the National Policy Committee would continue in office until next party convention.

But Mr Changala charged that Ms Nawakwi who has remained the FDD president since her election 11 years ago should have subject herself to the electorate of the party to gain legitimacy illegitimate to continue heading the party.

Mr Changala said the entire executive of the party had breached the party constitution which stipulated that the party shall have a convention every five years.

He said in an interview that he was disappointed that Ms Nawakwi had declared herself an eternal leader of the FDD adding that the FDD leader had no mandate to continue presiding over the affairs of the party.

“Is what you are telling me true? How can Madam Nawakwi chose to mutilate the FDD constitution by deferring a convention which has been pending for the last 11 years. Madam Nawakwi has never subjected herself to the FDD electorate since her election 11 years ago. This dictatorial attitude of wamuyaya leadership must be condemned in the strongest terms,” Mr Changala said.

Mr Changala said the FDD was daring the democratic tenets and that the path the party had taken was democratically dangerous and destructive.

He said competition in democracy was health and that Ms Nawakwi should have allowed herself to be challenged at the convention so that she could acquire some legitimacy to continue leading the party.

Mr Changala said by refusing to go for a convention, Ms Nawakwi had completely fractured her political career and that the FDD had lost its future prospects of being trusted.