Nchito abusing courts-Church

SUSPENDED Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito should allow the Annel Silungwe Tribunal currently investigating him to conclude so that his name is cleared rather than embarking a an unattainable agenda of stopping the tribunal, Christian Coalition general secretary John Mwendapole has advised.

Rev Mwendapole said Mr Nchito should avoid derailing the proceedings of the tribunal because Zambians would like to know the truth about his conduct while he served as DPP.

Rev Mwendapole said attempts by Mr Nchito to frustrate and stop the tribunal through numerous court actions were nothing but an abuse of the courts of law which should not be encouraged.

He said it was pure abuse of the courts for Mr Nchito to have appealed against the decision of the High Court over the same arguments which were previously thrown out by the Supreme Court.

Mr Nchito has yet again returned to the Supreme Court with the same arguments against the Annel Silungwe Tribunal, the reason which a few weeks ago were dismissed by the Supreme Court so that the tribunal could resume its sitting.

Mr Nchito has over months been shuttling between the High Court and the Supreme Court in an attempt to have the Annel Silungwe Tribunal stopped and dissolved but both courts have made rulings to the effect that the tribunal was legal and should therefore continue to probe the suspended DPP.

“Mr Nchito should realize that it is for his own good to allow the tribunal to expeditiously conclude its investigations. We would want to believe that Mr Nchito is abusing the courts of law by attempting to stop the tribunal through the courts that have already made a decision that it should be allowed to continue. Mr Nchito is denying himself justice by frustrating the tribunal,” Rev Mwendapole said.

He said Mr Nchito should not consider holding the office of the DPP as a matter of life and death because such public institutions were meant to serve people and not individual interests.

Rev Mwendapole said Mr Nchito’s integrity had been brought into question and if he was a sincere public servant, he should have resigned on his own rather than subject himself to court processes which he was now abusing.