Vote for Edgar Lungu


Dear Editor

I would like to appeal to all good Zambians to vote for PF President for another five years.  They have what Napoleon never did in just five years. Edgar is humble that he even swallows insults from opposition leaders who have even taught Pilato to sing insulting songs. In Kaunda days such songs were banned but nowadays even Christians are happy to listen to it. Please don’t vote for leaders who are teaching us insults. Please all the churches do something especially Pilato’s songs.

Jackie M, Kitwe 

Load shedding politically motivated?


The defeat of soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya to Andrew Kamanga as FAZ president should save as a lesson to some of our leaders that they should not take the people for granted. Listen to what the people are complaining about. To our republican President Mr Edgar Lungu, please handle the issue of the Vice President running mate with care. Listen and take the advice from members seriously. Also attend to the cries of the people over the massive load shedding which has increased despite the good rains we are having. One wonders is this load shedding not politically motivated to not to vote for PF government?

DC, Lusaka


Politics of money dont always work


I wish to express my displeasure with the constituency officials of Ndola the way they have handled the elections. Officials were after the  highest bidder to be chosen first. Please ba NEC investigate before picking the candidate otherwise UPND will carry the day. The public is not happy.

Concerned PF Member


This is for Secretary to Cabinet


Why is Secretary to Cabinet not monitoring what is  happening at Ministry of Community Development and Ministry of  Health concerning the reverting of Mother and Child to Ministry of Health. Some civil servants have nothing to do but are just idling because the structure has become lean. Can the two Permanent Secretaries act by transferring workers back to Ministry of Health. Dr Mwaba please accept the  workers to  enhance efficiency. We  are just languishing around with nothing to do.

Anonymous Civil servant


Careful UPND: cheta ngu cheta


I wish to sympathize with the UPND party. Honestly how can it claim to bring change when it is busy accommodating failures? I mean, those defectors from PF to UPND are the same people that contributed to the down fall of PF. And they are given posts in UPND. UPND is one good party but we need more clarification as Zambians. Remember Tongas say “cheta ngu cheta” translating, “a monkey is always a monkey” whether in the bush or in town. Please people let’s take note of this.

Thandie. T.M




Issuance of NRCs, birth certificates disappointing


I wish to express my disappointment over the issuance of national registration cards and birth certificates in this computerized age. The unexplained postponement wastes people’s time and is frustrating when the reception is not efficient. Let procedure be taught patiently to those unaware and efficiency be their number one priority. If possible there should be sensitization in hospitals and communities. Thank you.




Kalusha has been taught a lesson


This is a very big lesson to Kalusha that he should stop taking Zambians for granted. Why run for a third term in the first place? Why run football on remote control from South Africa. Learn to work as team  and stop personalizing achievements e.g. SuperSport deal which was brokered when Mr. Mulenga was FAZ president. Now that you are on your won, be ready to face the law. Whatever goes around comes around. Kalu learn to leave the stage when people are still clapping for you. Last time it was a missed penalty and now it’s a missed third term. You cant be clever all the time.

Soccer fan




Load shedding by ZESCO



Much as we appreciated the reasons given by ZESCO over load shedding, we also question the manner its being implemented. We are now getting worried that there could be some people at ZESCO are working on frustrating Zambians so that they can rise against the government.

C. Phiri


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