Chitimukulu speaks out

ALL those who want to destroy the Bemba chieftaincy and tribe will first attempt to usurp the peoples unity and allegiance to the Mwinelubemba in order to create a weak Bemba multi-chiefdom that could easily be scrapped off, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has charged.

And grandson to the late Chitimukulu Chitapankwa Mutale, Mulenga Kombe, has said that it was a disgrace to the Bemba tradition to have chiefs who have no respect for Bashilubemba.

In a statement on the dismissal of three Bemba chiefs obtained by the Daily Nation yesterday, the Paramount Chief said the unity of the Bemba chiefdom lay in a ‘‘complex and flexible kinship’’ between chiefs and sub-chiefs bound together by their total allegiance to a common Mwinelubemba.

He said many people on the Copperbelt who hailed from Chief Mumpolokoso’s area and other non-Bemba chiefs had queried him over the dismissal of Mubanga Albert Mumbi from his position as chief Mporokoso together with two others but maintained that the former chief had greatly betrayed the Bemba people.

He said unity was key to all chiefs under the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) and that all of them were compelled to live by the dictates and demands of the royal establishment with regard to their allegiance to the paramount chief which the trio flouted.

“Many people on the Copperbelt who hail from Chief Mumpolokoso’s chiefdom in Northern Province, including some other non-Bemba chiefs, have constantly queried me as to why the Bemba Royal Establishment took such drastic measures of going so far as to dismiss Mubanga Albert Mumbi, Chileshe Yulaya Mumba (ex- Chief Chewe) and Grimson Mwila (ex-Chief Chimbuka) as Bemba chiefs.

“Unity and competition are the cornerstones of the Bemba’s successful political system. Our unity lies in that the 17 gazetted chiefs and 15 non-gazetted sub-chiefs are linked to one another, not primarily through subordination, but through a complex and flexible kinship between chiefs and sub-chiefs themselves and then with a total allegiance to a common Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu,” the chief said.Housing deficit to hit 3 million

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