Effect dual citizenship clause

Why is the Government delaying sychronization of citizenship laws in the new Constitution?

As a matter of urgency, the Government must align the citizenship laws in conformity with the supreme law of the land. Parliament must enact legislation that recognizes dual citizenship.

We are finding it difficult to acquire Zambian passports and other documents even when the new Constitution grants us citizenship rights.

This must be done in order to effect the constitutional rights of Zambian citizens. The officers at the Citizenship and National Registration office insist that they are still guided by laws that were there before the enactment of the new Constitution.

Parliament must enact legislation to deal with various aspects itemized in the new citizenship laws. Why should we continue to live as aliens when we are constitutionally Zambian citizens.

Concern Zambian in diaspora.


FAZ election results mean change for the better

The report where Marcha Chilemena is appealing for the current FAZ and the old executive committee to work together in the aftermath of the recent election results is welcome.

However, every football-loving Zambian should realize that election results mean change which should be considered as a process of developing football with new ideas.

Elections are not war that needs reconciliation of contenders after results are announced.

All those calling for Andrew Kamanga to work with the old executive should know that FAZ members decided to change and forge ahead with a new breed of football administrators and do away with old tactics of football development.

Football development is not about Kamanga or Bwalya, it is about enhancing the standards of football to heights that every Zambian should be proud of.

Personalization of the development of football is old and unbeneficial tactics for Zambians. Football in our country should grow with or without the presence of Kalusha Bwalya.

Kalusha Bwalya has run his race and the button has been given to Andrew Kamanga, whose executive is now running the affairs of football in our country.

Let us just give this new executive enough and deserving support for them to succeed with their new ideas. We should not waste our energies in calling for the old executive members to work with the new one, if at all we mean well.

Should we be calling on Tom Mtine, David Phiri, Wilson Ghumboh and Teddy Mulonga for us to enhance football development? Not at all.

Every football fan should be magnanimous in the development of football by playing their part.

Aubrey Chindefu, LUSAKA.


Daily Nation sex trafficking story touching

Your paper carried a BBC story of Shandra Woworuntu titled: “My life as a sex-trafficking victim” on 31 March 2016.

According to her narration, Shandra got a job online after seeing an advert for jobs in hotel and tourism overseas.

As it turned out, the recruitment was not to work in a hotel but in a brothel.

I am worried that as a nation we have focused so much on politics such that real issues that matter to our well-being are overlooked!

I’m in no way suggesting that politics are bad, no! As a matter of fact, we cannot do without politics and politicians.

However, we need to be security conscious. If we were to check adverts in our print media and social media, advertisements about jobs overseas are plenty, where are the police? Can’t you see? Daily Nation thanks for quoting BBC on Shandra’s story, those with ears have heard.

As a nation, let’s not turn a deaf ear on real life situations which affect us. Human trafficking needs our attention.

It is an evil which makes me cry when I think of it. Wellington Mambwe.

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