Was Dr. Scott a true friend of Sata?


Was Dr. Scott a true friend of Sata? It is very surprising to see Scott dining with the people who were speculating the sicknesses and wished our beloved late President dead. It’s good that Mr Mulenga Sata and Dr. Kaseba are able to see who were real friends of the late president.


Those unprincipled MPs who defect


Viva to the MPs who are loyal to their political party. They have not threatened to defect to other political parties in case of them not being adopted which is a good spirit and other MPs from other political parties should emulate as a matter of principle.

D. Kawandami



Opposition behaving like headless chickens


Allow me to express how some people are behaving like headless chickens for the sake of removing Edgar from power. I thought these are people who boasted to come from Sata’s school of politics. When Sata left MMD he went and fought the battle and managed to remove Mwanawasa but he set the agenda even in opposition. He had influence and set the rhythm of more jobs, lower taxes but currently our opposition seem just to see Edgar as they are their  focal, point leaving the Zambian people challenges in vacuum. What a shame of Zambians politics. We miss you Michael, you set a  path difficult to emulate MHSRIP.

David Sampa, Lusaka 

Kabimba wasting time attacking UPND


I would like to urge Mr. Kabimba to focus on building his party than waste his time attacking the UPND. The UPND polices cannot be compared to any political party in Zambia. The UPND has leaders that are more than ready to revive our declining economy. If Mr Kabimba has nothing to do its best he keeps quiet.

UPND member



Well teach GBM, Kabimba lesson


I would like to commend the Government for combating smuggling of maize and mealie meal to neighbouring countries. But to my surprise I have not heard from any political media organization condemning this act just as from opposition political parties as well.

DK, Lusaka


Former ZAMTEL workers cry for their dues


Help former Zamtel employees get their ZSIC pension money ba President. We will die of hunger and our children are not going to school.

Former Zamtel employee


Wake up ZESCO!


Wake up ZESCO. Service cables are being stolen everyday at night because of your continued load shedding at night.

Wamundila  Libuku, Lukulu






Bravo South Africans!


Zambian helped South Africa get independence but look at their democracy! President Jacob Zuma is being asked to pay back what he has stolen. Congratulations  to the people of South Africa for  respecting their constitution.

 Lukulu resident