Lozis plan mini-Kuomboka


By Nation Reporter

PLANS are underway to hold a mini-Kuomboka for the Lozi people in Western Province as the water levels may not be high enough to stage the full-fledged ceremony, a Lozi loyalist source has revealed.

The source said the ceremony would be held starting from Lealui to Mulamba habour in Mongu instead of the usual 15-km water pilgrimage to Nayuma harbour at Limulunga, the Litunga’s summer palace.  He explained that although plans were underway for a mini-Kuomboka, there was no excuse for not holding the main ceremony because the plains were flooding.

“Infact, we are waiting for our parents to announce the date anytime this week, because as per tradition, no Kuomboka ceremony can be held without the bright light of the moon.

“People are anxious because we have two dates remaining, 16th and 23rd of April which are Saturdays,” he said.

But the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) cautioned Kuomboka ceremony stakeholders against being misled with false rumours but wait for facts.

BRE spokesperson Induna Katema explained that the Kuta was still discussing the issue and it would announce its position soon.

He said the BRE had not yet announced the date and the organisers were meeting on a weekly basis to see what they could achieve.

“In fact, we have been in meeting week after week concerning our ceremony and even yesterday (Sunday) we had our meeting. We will give our official position after we have concluded.

‘‘You will hear it from us and not through the people who are spreading rumours and misleading people about the happenings at the Kuta,” he said.

The main Kuomboka ceremony usually takes place from Lealui, the Litunga’s winter palace,  to  Limulunga royal village and later it is followed by two mini-Kuombokas for Libonda and Nalolo respectively.

If the mini-Kuomboka is held as planned, it will be the first time the Litunga will disembark from the Nalikwanda royal barge at Mongu and not Limulunga.