Canisius Banda eviction political


The purported ‘‘eviction’’ of UPND vice president Dr. Canicius Banda from the house he had occupied for 10 years seems to be political and aimed at embarrassing him and also to portray a gloomy picture that he is an unorganized person who cannot be entrusted with power to manage national affairs. I would like to appeal to him and his party not to give heed to such embarrassing and unfortunate development.

Mambwe. F; Kalulushi 


Scott right on Rainbow Party


I wish to agree with what former Republican Vice President Guy Scot said about Rainbow Party concerning its socialist ideology and lack of members. Honestly speaking this party doesn’t have many members. The only people who are seen championing the so-called socialism are party president Wynter Kabimba and his vice Cosmas Musumali. This political theory can’t work in Zambia. KK tried to adopt it but it caused social misery and laziness among civil servants. There are more demerits than merits of this system. Seriously, we can’t always talk about Fidel Castrol. Are we going to eat from his table?

Concerned Citizen




Local courts disappoint men


Sometimes when I read local court news in all the papers, I have discovered that men tend to lose cases even if the culprit is the wife. You will find that a wife is caught committing adultery and when the husband divorces her, he is the one compensating her. I feel this is very unfair to us men. Let justice prevail in all cases. There shouldn’t be gender discrimination when it comes to legal justice.




Employ full time national

soccer coach


It is high time that FAZ brings a permanent coach so that all football trainings are well prepared unlike the current situation where George Lwandamina has to double from ZESCO to the national team. If possible, let FAZ give him a full contract. We want an organized FAZ now.

Soccer fan





Namwala should vote for Mapani


Allow me to appeal to people of Namwala to give chance to a UNZA graduate Moono Mapani to represent them. His analysis of legal and developmental issues is simply heart-touching. I feel it’s time to let him stand.

Namwala Resident





We need change in Kabwe


I honestly feel we need new management at Hamududu Primary School here in Kabwe. The current one has overstayed. Parents and the community at large hereby appeal to the provincial education officer to look into the matter. We need change as it is our democratic right to speak up when things are going wrong even in small communities. We also like to thank the Daily Nation for being a true voice for all voiceless Zambians.  Keep up the good job. 

Concerned Citizen, Kabwe  






Well done, police officers


Credit must go to all police officers who have used their personal vehicles on official business. The officers who obtained car loans are openly and majestically using them for official business. This is very true of traffic officers. I request that the police command gives the officers car allowances or fuel allowances.

Happy citizen

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