Ritual murders: Police a big letdown

Dear Editor,

I am writing to strongly condemn police work in the so-called ritual murders taking place in George compound and now Lilanda.

If they are going to continue going into these compounds in uniforms and shouting on top of their voices, they will not come out any smarter. The situation might in fact get worse.

I know how the old but robust CID operated in those years soon after Independence. This department was manned by men and women of pure substance.

What I would have thought is that by now plainclothes police officers would have moved into these troubled areas in hundreds to the extent of renting some houses just to collect information.

Yes, some female officers should have acquired ‘‘convenient’’ boyfriends and vice versa, just to obtain information the police need.

These officers should have been mixing freely with the locals; drinking in bars and taverns (very good sources of information) instead of wielding guns and batons at innocent people.

So far I have found police work rather slapdash and if they are going to continue in that fashion, I am sorry many more people will be murdered. What they need most is information leading to the arrest of suspects. Come on Police Command, you can do better than this.

I will never forget the work of the Northern Rhodesia Police (NRP) when my father’s house in Petauke was torched by some unknown people.

Three plains-clothes officers from CID came around. They were extremely friendly to the locals and even bought beers for them.

They left after three days and when they came back later it was a walkover job. The culprits were rounded up in no time.

I think that is how police should work in matters of this nature.

But of course advice cannot be forced on anybody. Maybe times have changed but I strongly feel that police work should always be professional, specialized and extremely focused.


Solomon Mutyolauta


Disrespectful UPND political amateurs

Dear Editor,

I cannot help responding in support of Minister of Local Government and Housing Stephen Kampyongo’s well-articulated response with regard to the UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa’s insinuation that President Edgar Lungu was taking advantage of first republican president Kenneth Kaunda.

The minister described his sentiments as misplaced and disrespectful (“Lungu not abusing KK, says Govt”, Daily Nation, April 7, 2016).

I think his assessment was accurate and to the point.

As Mr Kampyongo rightly pointed out most, if not all, the UPND leaders appear young and are political neophytes who do not appreciate our forefathers’ contributions to the struggle for Independence.

In sharp contrast, since coming to power, President Edgar Lungu has radically put Kenneth Kaunda back on the agenda, including making him the “founder of the nation” and proclaiming his birthplace a national heritage.

Meanwhile, the UPND deputy spokesperson is fast rushing to the Post Newspaper to insinuate that President Lungu was taking advantage of Dr Kaunda. Does that suggest respect for older people?


Mubanga Luchembe,


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