Fake pastors on the loose in Lusaka

MARKETEERS and shoppers in Lusaka have been warned to be on the lookout for fraudsters masquerading as pastors who are fleecing individuals desperate for prosperity and blessings.

Senior citizen Kelvin Moyo, who also runs a business at City Market, observed that there were people who were promising  fake miracles to unsuspecting individuals.

Mr Moyo said that the fraudsters were now targeting markets, especially Soweto and City markets.

“These people are going round markets, pretending to be preaching the word of God and in the end they demand for money in exchange for blessings,” Mr. Moyo said.

He noted that women were in most cases the victims of such fraud, as they were too desperate for blessings.

Mr. Moyo said a good number of women had continued to hand over their money after being promised super profits and miracles by the fake preachers.

“Women are the most vulnerable to such tricks because they get too desperate for miracles. It shouldn’t be that way because prayers should be free,” he said.

He advised both traders and shoppers to be on alert for the fraudsters masquerading as pastors and cheating people out of their hard-earned money especially in the markets.

Mr Moyo called on law enforcers to start inspecting markets and apprehend fake pastors swindling innocent people.

“In every country there are rules which ought to be followed; someone can’t just wake up one morning and swindle people in the name of preaching God’s word. It’s not right,” he said.

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