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What’s wrong with Mazhandu buses?


Allow me space to comment on the continued accidents involving buses belonging to Mazhandu Family Bus Services. I feel there is something seriously wrong with this company. Is it that most of the drivers come from Zimbabwe and do not know the curves on our roads? I would appeal to them to consider employing Zambian drivers. Just look at other bus companies like Euro Africa, they have maintained a clean road safety record. As for now one has to think before boarding Mazhandu buses.

Concerned traveller.


Communities, help flush out ritual killers


We the community, are to blame at times for what is happening in our midst. We live with these criminals behind these cruel ritual murders and yet we hide them. Let’s report such people to relevant authorities.

Jonathan C. Chanda.



PF-not only party


PF wants all Zambians to belong to their party, but that should not be the case because a good government gives room for other political parties to participate in elections. PF is very selfish!



PF the best party


HH and his team can never be trusted. PF is a party for the people. It is, in fact, the best political party among the remaining ‘‘tuntemba’’ political parties because of its great leadership. Its direction to develop this country and its new style of leadership of issue-based politics and not that of insults and violence is there for all to see. We appeal to all well-meaning Zambians to vote for Mr. Edgar C Lungu, a God-fearing man, a man of values, a great visionary for Zambia and a man of peace.

William A. N. 

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