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Zambia lacks police, RTSA highway patrols

I have an observation to make over these nasty road accidents which Zambia has been experiencing over the years.

Zambia seriously lacks highway patrols. I have seen some police vehicles marked “Highway patrol” which spend most of their time in Lusaka chasing mini buses.

Those who have been to Zimbabwe will agree with me that police highway patrols are live in that country such that drivers are aware of the consequences if they over-speed or indulge in any other misconduct on the roads.

In Zambia one can travel from Lusaka to Nakonde, Chipata to Mongu and Lusaka to Livingstone without meeting a single police or RTSA highway patrol vehicle.

This gives chance to careless drivers to do as they please. Why I am saying this is that there is total indiscipline on our roads in the absence of law enforcement on the spot.

Not until RTSA and police traffic section take to highway patrols in a big way will accidents like the one in which 25 lives were lost be gotten rid of.

Please make use of those few vehicles I have seen marked  ‘‘highway patrol’’ to crack down on careless drivers on highways instead of abusing them on mini buses inside the city.

Vincent Tembo, Chawama, Lusaka.


Where are the angels to take over?

All those who have been shouting for the removal of PF from power, I suppose are people full of frustration and vengeance.

Who is this Dr Lwipa Puma I am hearing for the first time in my life?

I do not know under which administration he served as deputy Health Minister. Indeed he should have been a cautious Minister because I am more than sure that very few Zambians can remember him.

Anyway, that is not the point but for him to state that President Lungu and his Government have in one year been tried and have failed to deliver is rather prejudicial, considering the short period President Lungu has been in office. I am sure Dr Puma has seen the road infrastructure, the clinics e.t.c. going on throughout Zambia which form a base for economic development

I am not a PF fan but I try not to become fleeced and start saying things which make less sagacity.

I am also not surprised with Dr Puma’s choice of the media house which all anti-Government elements run to.

Surly there must be a reason  as why this newspaper is only accepting news from those who dislike the current Government and its leadership. That is another issue.

For me that does not help much because abhorrence should never be our daily cup of tea regardless of our political affiliation. For some peculiar reasons, the cry has always been to chuck out PF and very little is being said about the angels to take over from the current ruling party. If all these people want is a mere regime change, then they are missing the point because they are not offering solid alternatives.

Dr Puma today says we should try other available options for presidency without giving reasons for this change because I know that change for the sake of it is not good enough

It is possible that Zambians may just jump from the frying pan into fire if the change the few individuals are crying for is made without due care.

Luckily though, it is not the Zambians, the masters, who are shouting on top of their voices about the need to change government.

The shouts are from the opposition camp (for obvious reasons) and a few individuals who have developed this anti-government outlook.

My advice to all who are mourning for regime change is that they should keep their bile under control because August 11 is just round the corner and soon we will know who the winner will be.

But from the look of things, I think President Lungu is headed for landslide victory because he is using God as his shepherd.

May God bless mother Zambia.

John P Sakala


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