ZRP calls for prayers to curb ritual killings

ZAMBIA Republic Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has asked the church to pray for the country following the increased suspected ritual killings in Lusaka.

Mr. Musoma noted that the country was going through a trying period and needed serious prayers.

He urged Christians to pray and ensure that the alleged ritual killings were put to an end.

“We cannot sit idle and watch our fellow Zambians being slaughtered every day. It’s high time the church stood up and prayed against such evil deeds, so that the killers can be exposed and arrested,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said it was time for the country to look up to God as ritual killings were unacceptable and should not be tolerated in a Christian nation like Zambia.

Mr. Musoma also called for police presence in all parts of Lusaka and other towns.

“As ZRP, we strongly feel that police presence and patrols are needed in most of our communities in Lusaka and other towns in order to curb the ritual murders and violence our country is witnessing,” he said.

He noted that there was need to introduce police and intelligence patrols in communities, saying that people were not safe in their own country any more.

“What we have seen is just the tip of an iceberg. Ritual killings have been there for quite some time now. People are being killed in such gruesome ways. Something ought to be done quickly,” he said.

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