Shakafuswa threatened


By Nation Reporter

REVELATIONS of the formation of a secret youth wing by the UPND with the sole mandate to conduct violent political activities before, during and after the August general elections have resulted into Ephraim Shakafuswa, the whistle blower receiving death threats.

  Mr. Shakafuwa’s revelations have equally forced UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe to desert her offices at Millennium Village after police were deployed to the premises to conduct a search hence thwarting the efforts by the police to carry out their search.

Mr Shakafuswa yesterday claimed he had been confined to his residence because of the many threats he had received some of them through online media.

Mr Shakafuswa yesterday claimed that he had been receiving death threats from the UPND following his revelations that a covert vigilante group had clandestinely been formed to cause terror before, during and after the general elections.

A platoon of armed police officers yesterday remained camped at the law firm of Ms Mushipe after efforts to conduct a search at her offices were thwarted. She deserted her premises for the whole day.  Mr Shakafuswa who is former UPND Lusaka Province youth coordinator claimed that because of the death threats he allegedly received from suspected UPND cadres, he had failed to leave his house to pursue his complaint against the opposition party with the police.

He however said he was unmoved with the threats because he was protected by the law as a whistleblower and was therefore determined to ensure that the matter was brought to a logical conclusion.

On Monday, Mr Shakafuswa lodged a complaint against the UPND for allegedly having constituted a covert task force team of youths unknown to the party leadership whose mandate was to conduct violent activities against the State in an attempt to make the country ungovernable.

Minister escapes beating

By Nation Reporter

North-Western Province minister Danny Chingimbu on Saturday ran for his life after he was almost beaten by angry residents of Chief Chizelas chiefdom in Mufumbwe who accused him of having  influenced the de-limitation of land in the district.

Mr Chingimbu confirmed that while on his way to Solwezi from Manyinga, he made a stop-over at Kashima West to meet Patriotic Front officials when a mob pounced on him in full view of the local people.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia, in conjunction with the ministries of Lands and Local Government and Housing, are re-aligning constituency and ward boundaries following the creation of new districts in North-Western Province.

According to the latest district boundaries, Manyinga district has extended its boundaries into Kabompo district from Mandanji to Kavungu, Litoya, Kandala and Kalyangandu across Kasanga while extending eastwards into Mufumbwe with areas such as Kashima West, Chilemba and Lumwe being part of Manyinga district, reducing the sizes of both Kabompo and Mufumbwe districts respectively.

Mr Chingimbu, who is also member of Parliament for Manyinga, explained that the mob wanted to attack him but he ran for his life after sensing danger.

“Yes, I can confirm that I was attacked by a mob in Kashima West after I made a stopover. A team from Chief Chizela’s area pounced on me simply because I am member of Parliament for Manyinga,” Mr Chingimbu said.

He, however, said he had no hand in the delimitation of the district boundaries and that the development was in the spirit of implementing the decentralisation policy which was aimed at bringing services closer to the people.

‘’It’s the same case with other places where districts have been created. Unfortunately, some people perceive me to be behind all this. I don’t work for ECZ and I am not part of these arrangements, but ECZ is mandated by law to carry out such exercise. My interest really is to bring development to the area,’’ he said.

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2 Responses to “Shakafuswa threatened”

  1. Harry says:

    Hahahahahaha! Ephraim Shakafuswa reminds me of that Tonga chap from Choma who was being used by Miles Sampa to insult HH. The guy died and I just hope he achieved what he wanted in life and by insulting HH. Ephraim Shakafuswa should be sure of what he wants to achieve otherwise he will soon be irrelevant as Brian Hapunda politically as the PF can never trust him whatsoever apart from using him for illogical issues like this one. If the state is sure and serious about crime, they should immediately arrest Ephraim Shakafuswa and his accomplices for treason or put him under protection as state witness. I thought this was all they have been praying for to happen in UPND? But it seems to be all political drama looking at how they are handling the issue.

  2. x says:

    Power hungry pipo


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