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True, Zambians are lazy people


I refer to the Daily Nation story “Chinese investors castigate lazy Zambians’’. That is very true of most of us, Zambians, who don’t want to work at all. All we are interested in is listening to politicians telling us that we are suffering and once they (politicians) are voted into office, they will change our lives for the better. The other weakness in most Zambians is lack of self-reliance. They believe in spoon-feeding. Let’s change and begin to work extra hard to develop our country.

Arnold, Lusaka


 Arrest Shakafuswa  


The police should quickly arrest Shakafuswa for concealing such information before he was booted out of UPND. That amounts to treason which he admitted. He has also been attending UPND clandestine meetings. 



President Lungu, favoured by God


When miners were retrenched, they celebrated saying this is the end of PF.  Now things are looking better in the mines and Mopani has invested so much. The Kwacha is recovering and this shows that President Lungu has favour from God.

Danny street, Kulima tower.


Just what is wrong with GBM?


What’s wrong with this man, GBM? The man’s politics are always based on threats, why? First he threatens the Republican President, now the Daily Nation. Does the man know the damage he is causing to his party? The Daily Nation has now a very large following which probably has even surpassed the Post. Most Zambians detest people like GBM. They like to settle their political battles in the ballot box and that’s what they will do  again in August.

Micky, Lusaka.


Don’t vote for violent leaders


Zambians should reject all forms of violence and instead continue to identify themselves with God-fearing leaders who will continue to lead the country in line with true Christian values.

Big D, Lusaka.


  Advice to the Police


I wish to agree with what people have said about police lacking tactics and information. Let them send OP in nightclubs because killers tend to hide themselves in bars especially that they know that police are after them.

Mr Hustler, Lusaka.

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