UPND and insults

THE UPND should come out clean and state whether insults among its rank and file are now an acceptable mode of communication so that Zambians can prepare themselves for an era of verbal abuse in case the opposition political party formed government after the August 11 general election.

It is surprising that since the Daily Nation and other members of the public suffered verbal abuse; there has been no remorse from the opposition political party to state its position on the matter.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not pretend that he does not know what his deputy president for administration, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, has been famous for in the last few days.

It is strange that while the recordings have gone viral both on internet and in newspapers as encouraged by Mr Mwamba, the UPND membership has remained mute on the matter.

Mr Hichilema should not be blinded by his desire to get the State House job at the expense of instilling discipline in the rank and file of his party as the consequences are too grave to contemplate.

It is naïve to think that discipline will be enforced after forming government as old habits die hard.

If the current trend of showering insults in communication is not arrested, we fear that the UPND in government will promote unpalatable language as a form of greeting and goodbye.

We challenge Mr Hichilema to state the party position on insults instead of hiding in persecution of a member.

In fact, the current incident in which insults have been used are not new to UPND as a similar incident happened some few months back in the national management meeting of the UPND.

The UPND senior officials remember how Mrs Mutale Namulango was treated by a fellow national management official.

She was abused and dressed down for voicing out her displeasure over party matters.

If Mr Hichilema, who was present in the meeting, had guided the conduct of members at that meeting, we could not have seen another senior official turning to the public to voice out some of his uncouth skills.

We know the UPND is desperate for votes, but this should not blind them to overlook indiscipline.

It is important for party members whether rich or poor to observe the disciplinary code of the largest opposition political party so that the issues of Animal Farm do not create tension.

This is the reason we are appealing to the UPND and its leadership to state its position on the insults that have gone viral.

Should Zambians take insults as part of the official language of the UPND?