College principals in plunder syndicate

A SYNDICATE of principals in public teachers’ training colleges has been formed and is looting and siphoning college resources in a scheme to sabotage the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and undermine President Edgar Lungu, it has been revealed.

Lecturers in teachers’ training colleges across the country have complained that principals are doing this in connivance with some senior management officials at the Public Service Management Division (PMSD).

The lecturers have since written to President Edgar Lungu complaining that some of the principals in the colleges had formed a syndicate with some PSMD management through which they were siphoning public resources meant for college programmes.

The lecturers who sought anonymity said in the letter to President Lungu that some principals were allegedly opposition sympathisers and were deliberately frustrating Government teaching programmes to ruin the chances of the PF retaining power.

The lecturers claimed that the principals in connivance with some PSMD managers had been conducting transfers of the teaching staff in colleges in a bid to frustrate them.

They claimed that principals had turned themselves into dictators and were brazenly abusing college resources at the expense of teaching programmes in the country.

They said teachers college lecturers were working hard to ensure that Government programmes were implemented with prudence but that the principals were deliberately frustrating such programmes because most of them were allegedly opposition sympathisers.

“As concerned lecturers, we have observed with dismay the happenings in the civil service especially in the Ministry of Education. This ministry, in particular in the area of teacher education, there has been a lot of plundering of resources. The principals of public colleges of education are working in conjunction with some senior management officials at the Public Service and Management Division (PMSD) to siphon the much needed resources of Government in these institutions,” the lecturers said. They claimed that some of the principals in the teachers’ colleges had over-stayed and that was why they were allegedly abusing public resources with impunity.

The lecturers claimed they had evidence to prove the plunder and looting taking place in their respective colleges while at the same time making sure that the PF was made unpopular through their actions. They claimed that teachers colleges were being run down and that money meant for lecturers to conduct supervision of trainee teachers was being abused by the principals.

They said lecturers were being made to use their personal money to conduct supervising activities because principals were claiming that colleges did not have money for such important college programmes.

“Mr President, we have overwhelming evidence that public colleges of education principals do not want sympathisers of PF and anyone suspected to be having links with the PF is being transferred so that their plunder should remain unexposed. That is why these lecturers are being transferred. We humbly ask you to transfer all these principals, but spare the lecturers,” the lecturers said.

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