No one can serve two masters

By Pastor Jasper Mutale

This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Do not frown be happy even as I continue with our radical discipleship. I greet you dear brother and sister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Discipling nations (people groups) into Christ’s likeness is our goal and I believe that as you get discipled you shall in turn disciple others . The more you share the gospel , the more God will reward you with the crown that shall shine like the stars. I do not claim to know everything about how one know the Lord in truth .As I said early on that in fact, I have more questions than answers.

As human here on earth before we could claim to love God , we ought to love one another. We get to know each other well ,such that in knowing each other trust is created , even when someone you know better is accused of what he or she did not do . you will choose to stand by your friend because you know and know and know with all your heart that your friend is not capable of doing whatever the people had lied against your friend.

According  to   WINTER ROSE STEWART  “sure, we’ re only human, honorably. The humans way of creating wind is breath: Speak, sing, and scream. Greet one another. Tell stories. Join a choir. Whisper your secrets through a pen, roll up a message to find closer to the end. Yell your troubles to the sea; words have a tendency to flee.”

I strongly agree with Winter Rose Stewart’s statement that the only way we know each other is through relationships where we greet one another , sing together and the more we have these social activities together , the more we know each other better. You get to know your friend’s name, address and family. All these small details matter in our human relationships.

Imagine that after you get married and have promised your wife or husband that your partner is the only one you will be committed to till death do you apart. Promising even to carry your partner’s picture in your Wallet and every time you open your Wallet. As soon as it’s opened her picture is the first thing you see. When she opens your wallet and sees her picture she thinks it’s sweet, but imagine that behind her picture are pictures of the last three or seven other women  you dated. I grant you , that’s going to be a problem. It’s not enough for her to be first; she will insist on being “the only”. Jesus makes it clear that He will not share your affection. Following Him requires your whole heart.

Winter Rose Stewards once said , “We hold and are held by emotion and memory. Share a story, share gold as flashbacks to with true value. In the moment there may not be a pleasant feeling, but with disaster comes lesson”.

Following other gods rather than Jesus can only bring disaster packed with lessons .The bible says, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

what you spend your time and money on often reveals the true desire of your heart and shows who or what you are truly following. The reason Jesus talked more about money than other subject is because it can easily become his chief competition.  The more in a relationship one loves money ,the more  his or her heart focuses on money than on the relationship. The more sermons and programs are preached with the motive of getting money from the poor  the more we end up following money and the things money can buy instead of Jesus.

Many of us sacrifice our time and money for stuff because we think that’s how we find satisfaction. For many, satisfaction come with a price tag. But Jesus wants to be our satisfaction. He describes Himself as living water that quenches our thirst forever.

In Mathew 6:24 Jesus said, “ No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

church I have one question to ask you..When you are hurt, where do you go for comfort? When you experience the pain of this life where do you turn? Maybe it’s to a parent or a spouse. Maybe it’s to the refrigerator. Remember all these things have the potential to compete with Jesus for our devotion and affection. There is nothing wrong with finding comfort from family and friends; that’s part of God’s design. But the question is “ Do they take the place of Jesus?”

I have found that when someone goes through a difficult time or a painful circumstance, who or what they are truly following is often revealed. When our first response to suffering is to turn to anyone or anything other than Jesus it may reveal that our affection is divided and we are following someone or something other than Jesus.

Church what disappoints you the most? When we feel overwhelmed with disappointment it often reveals something that has become too important. It may be something as significant as a loss of a job, or our Zambia nation team’s loss of a football game. When we find that those things have power to determine who we are and what kind of day we have, it very well may be evidence that something is more important than it should be. Of course some level of disappointment and frustration can be natural. But if you find that you are excessively disappointed or over-frustrated it’s an indication of what might be competing for affection that is to be Christ’s alone. Church this too is a picture of Marriage. What is it that makes you happy? Have you ever asked yourself this question church? When I say church I mean you as God’s Child. You are the Church and God’s temple!back to my question , what really makes you happy? Like the things that disappoint us, the things that makes us happy can also point to something or someone that is in competition with Jesus. Could it be sports, I know we Zambian love soccer and I for one, do love soccer and our chipolopolo team. But I must confess that on my priority list Jesus comes number one, followed by my wife and children and etc. could it be music,work, or your appearance? All these things are fine and good, but they have the potential to become a type of mistress that is robbing God of your whole heart.

Following Jesus means following him alone. Something you shouldn’t do is not to give someone or something your heart. Someone or something should not take Jesus’ place. Unfortunately most people who are hypocrites do not want to put Jesus on the throne of their hearts. But Jesus makes it clear to this crowd He’s not interested in sharing your heart with someone or somethings.

Let me go to the point church, I know you are not used to these sermons as you may be used to sugarcoated sermons. Jesus won’t share you with another lover. I know that analogy may seem a bit overstated, but it’s biblically consistent In describing how God feels about our divided affection. The prophet Ezekiel describes what it was like for God when we share our affection,attention, and allegiance with anyone or anything else. It is like we’re having an affair. In Ezekiel chapter 16 here is what God says to his people who have been worshiping false gods: “you give gifts to all your lovers.”

some of you have experienced the pain of unfaithfulness. You found out that the person who vowed his or her life to you has been cheating with someone else. If you have experienced those wounds of betray then you know it’s hard to imagine  a worse feeling. And when God is one of many, instead of our one and only, that’s how He portrays Himself as a betrayed lover.

So in Luke 14 Jesus defines the relationship by making it clear that if we follow Him, we must follow Him and Him alone. He won’t share us- not with money, not with a career, not even with your family. Maybe you read a passage like this and it seems that God is being a little possessive and Jealous. But understand this- when Jesus explains that He will not share your affection or devotion, He isn’t just saying how He wants to be loved by you; He is making it clear how He loves you.

Jesus continues to teach the crowd in Luke 14. And He seems to give an explanation of why He is teaching in such a direct and straightforward way:

suppose on of you wants to be build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, saying, “This fellow began to build and was not able to finish” (Luke 14 :28-30)

or prayers and questions contact me at [email protected] or 0966487131.


Church Jesus makes no apologies for His strong words.  He wants people and every nations to be clear about what they are called Christians.

I appeal to you to become more and more radical for Jesus by Sharing the word with other nations (tribes) and please join me make the Gospel known to every people groups (nations) in Zambia and across Zambia.

God be with you and Keep your soul .Choose to follow only Jesus and suffer no one to turn your heart from following your Lord and Master..Jesus Christ.


For prayers and questions contact me at [email protected] or 0966487131.

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