e-Voucher attracts 450,000 more farmers, says Lubinda

By Nation Reporter

GOVERNMENT will soon announce additional farmers that have joined the  Electronic Voucher (e-voucher) system whose number is expected to shoot up to 450,000 this year,  says Agriculture minister Given Lubinda.

Mr Lubinda said Government would announce its plans on the new-look Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP) and new members joining the e-voucher system.

“Like the Finance minister said in his 2016 national Budget, Government will increase the number of farmers on the e-voucher system this year from 240,000 to 450,000,

“I will be making an announcement of the number of districts added to the e-voucher programme in the next one week as well as the FISP programme for 2016,” he said.

The e-voucher system was launched last year by the Ministry of Agriculture to enable small-scale farmers access subsidised inputs under the FISP in a transparent and expeditious manner.

It was also meant to save resources through elimination of procurement, transportation and other administrative costs associated with FISP.

The e-voucher system required private agri-businesses to have an electronic register of farmers and to issue them with e-voucher cards to enable them access farming inputs.

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