VJ should explain vote rigging


VJ was never worried about rigging when he was supporting the government of the day in MMD. What does he know about vote rigging? Is it a case of ‘‘Set a thief to catch a thief’’?

Concerned vote

Well done Judge Kondolo


Well done Honorable Judge Mubanga Kondolo.  MMD will be able to make proper checks and balances and not the alliances as we have the opportunity to work and win on our own. Viva Mutati and group. We will bounce back come 2021 .The Hour has Come for Zambians to understand that we were the best political party ever.

MMD supporter



Verify Uganda polls report


The remarks by veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga that the Dubai company that printed the ballot papers in Uganda also printed the pre-marked ballot papers, leaves much to be desired (The Post 16, 2016).  If the Ugandan authorities will need Dr Mwaanga to assist them with the issue, the Zambian government should not hesitate to hand him over to relevant authority.

DC, Lusaka 

Employ full time national soccer coach


It is high time that FAZ brings a permanent coach so that all football trainings are well prepared unlike the current situation where George Lwandamina has to double from ZESCO to the national team. If possible, let FAZ give him a full contract. We want an organized FAZ now.

Soccer fan


We are behind ECL


Frank Bwalya should not start putting aspiring candidates into a guilt-conscious mode. The onus is on the PF NEC now. Just follow the rules you gave us during interviews. No corruption, no advance campaign and no canvassing through senior party members. Some of our friends have been distributing money and  chitenge materials and you know them very well. Being ‘‘patriotic’’ also means protecting the party from self-destruction by making bold decisions. This year people want to choose their own representatives. The only candidate who will survive the people’s wrath is ECL.  Aspirants will also listen to the people if they believe a wrong choice has been made.

Katebe Ngosa, Lusaka


Check out recycled politicians


For any Zambian with a string of morality and integrity, questioning the credibility of the once respected political parties would not be wrong. All the corrupt recycled elements they are embracing denote compromise. Until they started adopting questionable people they were first choice but now what alternative remains! Politics needs to be meaningful and focused on real problem-solving. I would rather join a minority full of integrity than a bunch of crooked leaders.

Concerned voter


Thumbs up for Chunga residents


Thumbs up to Chunga residents for being alert. Life would have been lost had it not been for the alertness of Chunga residents last week. Let us also help the police by reporting suspicious luggage as we move around in our daily lives. This will eventually help curb the ritual killers who have destroyed people’s lives. 

Christopher Mtonga


Lower price of mealie meal


Businessmen and women are quick to hike the prices of mealie meal when the dollar goes up. Now that the Kwacha has stabilized, one wonders why the prices have not been adjusted downwards. This trend always affects the poor Zambians who cannot afford to have three meals a day.

Miriam Chishimba


GBM will reap what he is sowing


GBM’s continued threats on President Edgar Lungu and private media houses that he will throw them in jail once UPND wins power is a serious issue. What lesson is he teaching us the electorate who are more than ready to cast our votes on 11th August, 2016? Zambians beware of leaders who are full of insults and threats.

Mildred Zulu


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