Smoking gun confirming rigging finally found!


A Ugandan Chris Rugari, Adi Timor of Israel, her partner Isaac Livni and General Clark “are among the people who are helping the PF to win this year’s election.”

The Post today is quoting the UPND as having found a smoking gun confirming the rigging of the 2016 elections.

On this one, let me clear my throat before I launch into my sharing for today. At a public rally during the pre-1991 rally, MMD alleged that there were several government vehicles whose numbers were being changed so that they are stolen after the elections.

A string of number plates would then be given for publication. And the whole crowd would go, “wow! These brothers have data!”

During the many press conferences that Kaunda held after he lost power, he mourned about how the media served unwittingly as tools of the campaign propaganda of the MMD then in opposition.

Get this point clearly: just because someone is specific with “facts” such as names and figures does not necessarily make them credible and truthful.

Any manipulator of information and political communicator knows the psychology of specifics: the public is likely to believe without questions.

The lessons we should have learned from the 1991 elections include the ability to ask simple yet important questions whenever allegations are made.

In the case before us, we should ask: if a Clark, a Rugari, a Timor, a Livni and whoever has their names in the log book at State House, how does that become rigging? Hello!

How did you arrive at such a conclusion? Can someone explain step by step how these men and women or woman plan to rig the vote that as a voter I will mark on a blank ballot paper verified by election monitors and dropped into a transparent box?

So far, all I hear are allegations and conclusions but I am not told the specific steps so that I judge their practical application.

During election time, political parties hire all kinds of skills to help them win an election – local and foreign.

To call on the Zambian people to lynch a foreigner on the basis that Mr. Siyakalima has advanced is bad for Zambia’s foreign relations, endangers the lives of Zambians living in Uganda, Israel and the US should any unthinking Zambian harm these visitors.

This behaviour and desperation on the part of some of our political leaders is no different from the looters in Zingalume who, on unsubstantiated allegations, have vented their criminal tendencies on innocent businessmen and women. As a media, remember the agony of Kaunda when MMD made all kinds of allegations against him.

He never tempered with the electoral process and he lost fair and square. MMD equally lost fair and square to PF in 2011.

All these instances stand as eloquent testimonies to the integrity of the electoral system in Zambia.  The power to change government lies with the voter and not any election guru. Bear that in mind and stop fidgeting with voters.

Kellys Kaunda.


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