UPND has nothing to offer Zambians


It’s now very clear that UPND has nothing to offer apart from threatening innocent citizens. The rantings coming  from Geoffrey Mwamba (Post of April 18th) just points to that. One would hasten to ask why he continues to issue threats to President Lungu and Richard Sakala. What have these two people done to deserve such threats? The poor fellow seems not to even understand that with a new Constitution it is not just to go to Parliament and ask for a removal of the President’s immunity. There is more to be done than just talking about it as he is doing. Anyway, forgive the man.

Concerned Zambian.

Thank you Daily Nation!


Allow me to express my gratitude to the sponsors of the national essay competition, “How does tribalism affect national development?”. On behalf of every participant in the competition and on my own behalf, I extend a warm vote of thanks to the  management and staff of both Daily Nation newspaper and Zambia Postal services for coming up with the idea and for the generosity in presenting the  awards to various categories of winners. I also wish to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who took part in the essay writing competition as it was not only interesting but also challenging. Once again I want to state that we are most grateful for your generosity and  may God reward you abundantly as you continue to unite our country. Thank you very much.

Andrew Chali, national winner, Tertiary Education.


Price controls counter-productive


Fixing prices is an archaic method of doing business. It brings more shortages as people will move away from growing the maize crop as it will not be profitable.

Kasanda, Lusaka.



Re-introduce compound clean-ups


I am appealing to the Government of the day to bring back the Kaunda era system of cleaning up compounds. This will help arrest illegal immigrants who are working in conjunction with ritual killers especially in high density areas. In Kaunda era, houses were surrounded by men in uniform before dawn and every house was searched. Offensive weapons and stolen goods were recovered. Ask Dr Kaunda how things were done in UNIP days.

 Lusaka resident.




Mr. Nkoshya was a

compassionate man


Mr. Nkoshya was a compassionate man. The late PS of General Education had a heart for the people. I say this because I am one of the many retirees who have been given a good reception when we appealed to his office over delayed payments of our retirement dues by our district offices. We can only pray that his soul rests in peace.

Elliot Mutale, Lusaka.




Veteran politicians losing



At the rate things are moving, some veteran politicians will soon lose the noble title of “veteran politician” to that of “Veteran politician of falsehoods’’.

Ephraim, Ndola.




Mutati has killed MMD


Felix Mutati has finally driven the last nail in the MMD coffin. Felix does not mean well for this party. We have not forgotten how he grovelled and licked HH’s boots. Now that he has achieved his goal, let him join his master HH. Mutati has done his job by destroying MMD.

G. Phiri, Lusaka.


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  1. owen says:

    Daily Nation,don’t you know that you’re campaigning for the UPND indirectly?its like your paper can’t sale without writing negative articles about the UPND.zambians are not docile mind you


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