Offenders must be punished


ZAMBIANS participating in the looting of shops owned by foreigners should be arrested and prosecuted so that they can meet the full force of the law.

It is an indelible fact that Zambia is renowned for its peaceful people and any act which dents that image should be fought without hesitation.

It is for this reason that we support President Edgar Lungu’s order to the security services to supplement the Police’s effort to bring law and order in Lusaka.

The heinous crime of killing innocent Zambians and cases involving the looting of shops owned by foreigners should go the full length of the justice system so that those found guilty can serve their time, whatever the law prescribes.

There is no justifiable reason for Zambians or indeed any other person to target shops owned by foreigners or any other individual for punishment on unfounded allegations.

At the moment, nobody knows who is behind the heinous crimes that have seen seven people killed.

It must be understood that crime has no tribe, nationality or race as those who transgress the law are simply criminals.

One can be a Zambian but when they commit a crime, they should be punished as common criminals.

Even if the allegations are pointed to a particular type of nationality and there was some truth in them, Zambia is a country of laws and everyone should abide by the laws of the land.

We live in an organised society where the power to arrest vests in the Police and the courts are the final arbiter.

It is therefore, an act of lawlessness for Zambians to wake up one morning and target shops which have nothing to do with the arrest of the criminals who are killing innocent people.

Zambians looting shops should ask themselves whether the mealie meal, juice and other merchandise they are ransacking in various trading places are helping in tracing the murderers who are dismembering their victims.

What we are witnessing is envy and jealous for the foreign traders owning shops in our townships.

If Zambians looting the shops are as superstition as they are demonstrating, why then are they eating the food for those suspected to be involved in ritual murders?

The law of the land should be enforced because the looters are just common criminals who are taking advantage of a bigger crime to disguise their lust for luxury.

We hope the security services involving the Zambia Army will quickly carry out the executive orders to bring the culprits to book.

We says this because it would not be good for the Zambia Army to stay longer than necessary in the townships when the duties can easily be handled by the regular Police.

Otherwise, the measures President Lungu has taken are necessary to restore law and order. 


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