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Chitepo Killing article, interesting

Dear Editor, 

The article which appeared in your April 18, 2016 publication entitled “WHO KILLED CHITEPO IN LUSAKA? made very interesting reading. 

I feel that the history of this country and the regional fight for liberation from the colonial slavery has to be retold with facts while the right people given praise and recognition for their contribution.

One wonders why Kaunda feted those demonic racists from RSA. If his intentions were truly to negotiate for the release of fighters, he could have done it openly.

While we are at it, please let us know what truly happened to Samora Machel.

Unfortunately, history has always been penned by the victors and with the passing of time and generations, those lies become facts.

It is not too late for Zambia and the region to rewrite our history in order to compile facts and remarkable contributions of such great sons of our soil like HARRY NKUMBULA, LEWANIKA and SIMON KAPWEPWE right.

These people fought against colonialism and had a vision for Zambia and Africa.

Africa has few true heroes. Those who still live like Robert Mugabe are demonised. Those who were killed like Lumumba, Sankara and Samora Machel are not talked about.

The trio are true African heroes.



UPND needs desk for Apology Duties

Dear Editor, 

It  makes  me  wonder  how  the  selection  of  the  top  leadership  in the  UPND  is  done. 

First, it was Dr Canisius Banda and his house rentals saga which went viral. Now, it’s GBM’s hatred and his vulgar language for others.

It’s  such  a  shameful  development  that a  top  public  leader  could  sink so  low  to insult  others. Well,  the  Bible clearly  states,  ‘You  shall  know  them  by  their fruits’  and  what  GBM  has just  shown should  be  a  clear warning  to  each and  every  voter . Zambia’s  democracy  and  it’s Christian  values shouldn’t  be  left  in  the  hands  of such  people. Another  sad  and  disappointing  development is how  HH  has chosen to  remain  mute  over  GBM’s vulgar language.  I  mean  they  have  two  Vice  Presidents, one  for administration  (GBM)  and  the  other  for  Politics  (Dr.  Canisius Banda).  They  even have  a spokesperson  for  special  duties,  but  one  position  they  seem  not  to  have  is, the  position  of  ‘Apology Duties’.

Till  now, no  one  has come  out openly to  condemn  the  hatred and  vulgar language  by  one  of  their  own vice president, GBM. Should  we  then  conclude  that  the  hatred and  vulgar  language  GBM  is  spreading  on  others  has the  blessings  of  the  top  UPND  leadership? My  advice  to  HH  is:  there  is  a  difference  between ACTING as  a leader  and  BEING  a  leader. Therefore, stop ACTING and BE one.

Troy Mukupa

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