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Women appeal to First Lady for empowerment


Women from Mandevu market are appealing to our First lady Esther Lungu to come to our aid. We have done all the paper work concerning women empowerment. Please, assist us so that we can help our children go to school and live a decent life.

Women from Mandevu market


Private Security Firms poor salaries


I would like to express my concern over the issue of poor salaries from private security firms like PR Secure, G4 and others. My question is, why doesn’t our government intervene? The cost of living has become unbearable under the current economic situations. We are struggling to meet basic needs. It appears the minimum wage is not followed by these security firms.

Concerned officer Kapunula


  Leave ECZ/Isaacs alone


I would like to urge those people raising unmerited concerns over the likelihood to award the contract to a Dubai-based printer to print the ballot papers for the August 11 elections. Zambia has always been known of printing these materials from outside the country despite having the Government’s printing department. When did they ever cheat?

Khan, S Analyst – Mazabuka


Poor service delivery


I’m really disappointed with the operations of Chambeshi Water and Sewarage Company in Mpika district. The company has really failed to provide water to Mpika residents. Yet, water bills are still generated at the end of each month. Otherwise, this company needs to be closed.

Cheyo Mutambo


 Give praise when it is due, UPND told


People aspiring to lead the nation must be sincere and humble. GBM should not think they can lead the same Zambians he keeps insulting, far from it! Money can’t buy leadership. When the Kwacha depreciated against major international convertible currencies, President Lungu was blamed by UPND. Surprisingly, when it appreciated, they are now looking for some other reasons to give. We are not fools. The ballot will speak.

Bwalya Mwamba


 Poor sanitary conditions cause cholera


Even if we are given cholera prevention vaccine here at Chibolya market, people are using unfinished shops as toilets and there is uncollected garbage. Let the Council do something instead of wasting money buying cholera drugs.

Celine, Chibolya


  Bravo Zambia Security Services!


Thumbs up to the Security Services Zambia Army) for restoring law and order to Lusaka city. I am appealing the Government to make sure that soldiers protect us before, during and after elections because the police are good at chasing after mini-bus drivers and mounting unnecessary road blocks.


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