HH, tone down

The levels of extreme anxiety which are being exhibited by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema must be of concern to many.

I do not know why Zambians are so much into the talking industry such that we like to spend most of our precious time discussing non-issues.

Mr Hichilema should know that the printing of ballot papers is not an issue, but what people mark on them.

The Ugandan issue which was being hyped by VJ is now neither here nor there. It was all hot air.

Mr Hichilema should begin to worry about who will vote for him on August 11 instead of imagining pre-marked ballot papers heading to Zambia.

Mr Hichilema, I am sure fully understands all the procedures pertaining to voting in elections, including the transparent ballot boxes. I wonder why he should start losing sleep over where the ballot papers will be printed from.

In fact, the British government has admitted that our ECZ is very professional and this should be good news to rest Mr Hichilema’s worries.

People are already suggesting that Mr Hichilema wants to make the printing of ballot papers as an excuse for losing elections. They may have a point there. For me, the real issue which should pre-occupy Mr Hichilema is the number of voters who will mark his name on the ballot papers.

The issue you are raising about ECZ is not taking UPND anywhere especially now that the goings appears to be getting tough each moment.

You will find that by the time you stop talking, it will be too late. Your friends will have reached their destinations earlier much to your disappointment. It always happens.

Kindly let ECZ do its work professionally so that those who will lose the August 11 elections do so with honour.

And for those who are preparing violence during and after elections, I am sure they will receive what they deserve.

Paul Chiseke.

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