GBM’s kind of politics


Dear Editor

Referring to the headline article, “GBM, HH differ” (Daily Nation, April 23, 2016), I strongly feel the need to lend my voice to the debate – a voice that is mature, Bemba speaking, and faithfully optimistic about the prospects of free, fair and peaceful forthcoming elections.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema must know that the longer he’s seen to be tolerating GBM’s waywardness, the more he’s seen to be a vacillating party president. But who cannot blame him?

He might just think it is prudent to keep to the long grass of Zambia’s political landscape until August 11. The lesson of 20 January 2015 polls’ outcome would be too fresh in his mind to forget.

But the UPND leader must know that GBM’s vitriol, his position in the party’s hierarchy and his crude, vulgar language, narcissistic self-hype, character assassinations of political adversaries may damage both the internal and external image of the UPND as a whole.

The fact that UPND, as was shown in the 20 January 2015 polls, had lost a big chunk of the vote basket in Northern and Muchinga provinces is a harbinger of worse to come if GBM’s invective is taken seriously by would-be voters in those regions come August 11.

That is why GBM’s kind of politics is dangerous and does not add value to the UPND.

The return of rabble-rousing, insults, affluent self-hype politics in the UPND is a sign that it is time to stop the rot or else the UPND leader will regret.

Mubanga Luchembe,