Heinous crimes

THE visit to the families of the victims of suspected ritual murders in Lusaka’s George and Zingalume townships by Government and PF officials should serve as a reminder to Zambians that we have unresolved crime in our midst.

We applaud them as this is a demonstration that all lives are important regardless of status in society.

Since this is the cardinal point, Zambians, especially in George and Zingalume, should collectively resolve to arrest the killers.

In the last few weeks, six Zambians lost their lives to the brutal hand of unknown criminals who were removing body parts for whatever reasons.

The criminals targeted their victims in the night and at dawn.

While police have apprehended 11 suspects in connection with the heinous crime, the cases still remain at investigation stage.

The police have to be thorough so that the suspects are properly scrutinised and the evidence tested.

It would be a disservice to the nation and the families of the victims for the police to rush into conclusions and present themselves before courts of law with scanty information and evidence on the matter.

Therefore the onus is on the communities in which the heinous crimes where happening to search their souls and volunteer information to help police arrive at a quick conclusion to the investigations.

Police on their part have offered a K50,000 bounty on the head or heads of the killers.

This means anybody or individuals who would come up with credible information leading to the arrest of the killers would receive the K50,000 as a reward.

The residents of Zingalume and George should know that killers could be or were living within the township.

Some of them know something about the criminals behind the killing. We are not talking about hear-say here. It is not possible that the killers were so smooth that they conducted their heinous crimes without anybody noticing.

Someone must have seen something or heard something which can help the police in their investigations.

It is important that police are assisted in unlocking the mystery behind the brutal murders so that Zambians, especially those in crime-prone areas, can start living their normal lives.

It will not help the communities of George and Zingalume to live their lives with unresolved crimes in their midst.

This is because although the murders could have come to an end, the people will continue living in fear of being possible victims.

Therefore, it should be a collective effort to ensure that the type of crime experienced in the last few weeks in George and Zingalume is arrested.

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