Perform or be fired, TAZARA managers told


NEWLY-appointed Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) managing director Engineer Bruno Ching’andu has cautioned his managers that they would be sacked if they do not perform.

Mr Ching’andu said he was determined to change and turn around TAZARA after the authority had been going through turbulent times for many years now.

He said TAZARA management had a responsibility to ensure that it earned enough money to pay themselves, adding that his most important asset in the organisation were the workers.

The managing director also immediately addressed one of the burning issues at TAZARA concerning the payment of salaries for its employees.

He said it was criminal to keep workers unpaid for months and has since prodded TAZARA’s managers to ensure that enough revenue was generated to pay the workers because it was their responsibility.

“I refuse to keep people and pay them on account of attendance. You will not remain at TAZARA by attending TAZARA. But you will remain at TAZARA by performing,” he told the managers.

“As TAZARA management, it is our responsibility to ensure that we earn enough money to pay ourselves and pay the workers. We have to find a way of motivating our workers.

“I have been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of this company to turn it around. Not to try. We must turn it around and together we will,” he said.

And director of transport in the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Zambia Nicholas Chikwenya said for the first time in TAZARA, the CEO had been appointed with specific targets to meet and the board of directors would assess his performance on that basis every six months.

Mr Chikwenya said TAZARA had significant potential and with prudent management. It was possible to transform the company into a viable business entity that everyone aspired for.

He said both governments were confident that given the wealth of experience that Mr. Ching’andu possessed and with the co-operation from every employee, TAZARA would be transformed into a viable entity.

Mr Ching’andu had replaced Ronald Phiri who was appointed to act as managing director for three months while the shareholders sought a suitable candidate as CEO.

This followed a directive from two heads of state President Edgar Lungu and his Tanzanian counterpart former President Jakaya Kikwete for the board to appoint competent and qualified persons for the top executive positions.

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  1. I like the tone of this MD. He seems to be a person with a mission. In Zambia we tend to bite back those who want to make a difference and try by all means to make them fail.I hope the managers will give him all the support. After all when Tazara picks, even the managers will benefit.

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