The mind-boggling Guy Scott


Dear Editor,

I am sure I am not the only one who might be conjecturing what is going in the mind of one Guy Scott.

For him to suggest that the recent riots in Zingalume, George and Lilanda townships in Lusaka were as a result of political discontent in Zambia really boggles my mind.

If Dr Scott has nothing to say he is better off shutting his mouth because even an average Zambian was able to grasp the causes of the rioting in those townships.

For Dr Scott’s information, the riots stemmed from the ritual killings (which I am sure did not bother him) since he seems not to know what really happened.

There was a rumour that some of the private parts removed from the murdered people had been found in a shop belonging to a foreigner.  That started it all.

Dr Scott, your detestation for President Lungu is all easy to appreciate but for now why don’t you consider going fishing?

Dr Scott you can do better than that. As a leader you are supposed to be giving us a sense of assurance, not apprehension or despondency.

I know that your political career is in total ruins and the best you can do is to enjoy yourself at your farm instead of getting yourself into issues that do not concern you.

They say a fish could avoid being taken out of the water if it learned to keep its mouth shut.

So let Dr Scott know that the riots had nothing to do with politics, salaries, unemployment or redundancies (ahh BBC alluded to this lie)

For now let him just focus on campaigning for UPND’s HH so that he can witness how ECL will knock them out.

You must have known by now that Mr Lungu is a God-sent leader and no matter what you may say against him, God will take care of it.

Watch what I am saying and come August 11 you will be walking with heads hanging down in shame of defeat after all the the negative campaigns.


Jay Kabemba


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