Economist Anthony Mumba better than HH


I wish to refer to the Sunday Interview featuring Anthony Mumba. Mr Mumba explained the country’s economy much better than others have done. I was very happy to see that we have learned economists than the way HH thinks about our economy. I hope Anthony can be given a chance to advise the officers in the government. Thank you.  

Macleans Nyasulu.

Transparent ballot boxes


HH and his UPND are wasting time talking about rigging. He is losing again hence those excuses in advance. Hold your horses, modern boxes are transparent.



Zambia now needs police force, not service


Lawlessness in Zambia is worrying. Zambians seem to have forgotten that there is a law to maintain order. Please bring back the Police Force.

Shapwa shapwa, Mufulira.


Which way UPND?


Until UPND started adopting questionable people they were first choice but now what alternative remains! Politics need to be meaningful and focused on real problem-solving. I would rather join a minority full of integrity than a bunch of crooked leaders.

UPND supporter


Proposed Kafue-Ndola dual carriageway


Planners of the proposed Kafue-Ndola dual carriageway should include in their plan at least three by-passes. Such that motorists especially truckers who don’t want to pass through Lusaka, Kabwe and Kapiri can easily by-pass these towns and reduce on travelling time. You may be aware that motorists spend a lot of time to plough through big settlements especially at  peak hours due to traffic congestions coupled with poorly planned road networks. Hence we need properly planned by-passes.

 Concerned motorist, Lusaka.


MMD hour for convention has come


Nevers must be condemned for disobeying the High Court ruling and putting the court into public ridicule. Let Nevers know that whether he likes it or not the hour for a convention has come.

 J.K. Zulu.


 MTN promotions worrying


Allow me to express my displeasure with MTN and the Spaka promoting minutes. They are now taking advantage of us the subscribers. The cost will be K3 today, then next day it will be K7. Can something be done, please?

Concerned subscriber.


 Lies fill up Zambia


I am concerned with a lot of lies that are being spread in the country. There are so many alarming statements in the media. Can the government be proactive and stop this dangerous and deliberate act by the unpatriotic Zambians from destroying our nation. The government should come up with a SI that prosecute any person or media house that is spreading lies or falsehood. We have only one Zambia.

Concerned Zambian.

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