Congrats to ZESCO United FC but…


Congratulations to Zesco United FC on making it for the second time to the lucrative group stage of the continental CAF championship.

However, watching ZESCO play their last game, left me wondering if they are ready to lift the prestigious trophy.

The standard of play was so relaxed maybe because they carried a 3-1  goal advantage.

That aside even the coach was seated the entire 94 minutes of play, leaving the giving  of instructions on the touch line to his assistants.

Maybe it was because the game was played in mid-week and the  stadium was almost empty.

The first goal that ZESCO scored was out of luck due to defence lapses by the opposition, and the team almost parked the bus only to wake up when their opponents scored.

The last time Manchester United won the English premiership, they were crowned champions with five games to play but we never saw Sir Alex relaxing, in fact the team was yearning for more goals and wins.

So if Zesco will approach this group stage with such leisure, I am afraid they may fail to even beat the record they set in 2009 of coming out third in the group. They have what it takes to win any trophy but they lack the zeal. In 1990, Power Dynamos lifted the then Nelson Cup against all odds.

It is from this that I wish to urge ZESCO players to be focused as they are not just playing for ZESCO United, but for Zambia as a whole.

We are behind you but pull up your socks. I wish you the best of luck.

Chakwiya Bornface



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