Humility is a virtue

Dr. Nevers Mumba has lost the plot completely.

No political leader can stand against the tide of change.  No political leader can withstand the political will of the people and indeed no political leader who believes in the ballot can avoid the ballot so doggedly without regard for the outcome and often egocentric aspiration.

The Brazilian President with years to her term has been forced to face the power and will of the people just as did Margaret Thatcher, Kenneth Kaunda and many others before them who tried without success to fight against the popular will.

Dr. Mumba is starting a fight he will definitely not win and if he truly insists his legacy will be written in the ignominy of failure.

By seeking to validate his status on the basis of statutory provision rather than political process Dr. Mumba is bound to drive MMD into a trough from which it may never recover.

Rupiah Banda called upon Dr. Mumba to find it within himself and the calling of his vocation to reach out to estranged members and seek an amicable solution to the seemingly intractable leadership crisis that has engulfed the party in the last few months.

In matters of morality and ethics it is advisable that whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of a position or action towards others, then one should resolve such doubt against oneself.  This is called humility.

This is not a mark of weakness but symbolises strength of character that seeks validation through time tested political mechanisms that includes the ballot, plebiscite or other elective procedures to determine the validity or indeed falsity of an assertion.

There is no doubt that MMD has been haemorrhaging membership at the very highest level and only last week, nine members of Parliament endorsed their support for President Edgar Lungu just as other MMD MP’s have endorsed UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

It is a clear misinterpretation and perhaps an insult to the intelligence of the members of Parliament to suggest that this endorsement arose out of a misunderstanding or misapprehension of the reality on the ground.

The truth is membership to a political party and subsequent loyalty cannot be measured by the number of card carrying members.  It is best measured by the prevailing political climate which Dr. Mumba does not seem to understand and appreciate.

The MMD as it stands now is but a pale shadow existing on paper with a membership that is very sharply divided on many political issues.

The Members of Parliament understand this very clearly because clinging to the shell will lead to their political demise.

It does not require a nuclear physicist to realise that unless drastic action is taken the MMD will be consigned to the dustbin of history by 11th August 2016.

It is not surprising that the Patriotic Front is prevaricating over the issue of an alliance because the party is divided and any effort to seek a positive arrangement is an exercise in futility because the factions will seek to counteract each other and thereby produce a zero sum result.

As we have stated before, Judge Kondolo provided a working formula that would have enabled both factions to come together to work for the common good of the party because as the situation stands, aggrieved members can indeed come together and call for a convention because it is within their rights to determine leadership of the party.

Political leadership has never been and will never  be personal to holder.  It is dependent on the ballot box and not the courts of law.

If the convention is the highest policy making body of the party, then its decision will be final for as long as legitimate and bona fide members attend.

It is therefore proper, democratic and in accord with the spirit of majority rule that MMD goes to an elective conference as quickly as possible to resolve the leadership quagmire once and for all.

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2 Responses to “Humility is a virtue”

  1. says:

    Biting about the bush is what is happening in mmd with regards to leadership rung le Al what’s going own is just survival for this disgruntled MMD MPs against a democratically elected president. Who in his wisdom has tried to sustained the MMD. Its better to remain alone than with un trust worth cadres.

  2. Waliakake Aliye Mulandu- incoming MMD National Coordinator says:

    Nevers is now history and its just a matter of time


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