The police and the recent komboni riots


Quick and good as they are at harassing and shooting at poor rioting UNZA or CBU students, I will also be quick to acknowledge the incompetence and inability of our Zambia Police Service to solve the ritual killings which greatly fuelled the recent riots.

Ba Kamfinsa, Ba Shushushu, or whatever they are called, were out on the ground.

However, instead of fixing the problem, they went about harassing and firing tear gas canisters at innocent citizens while the ritual deaths continued to rise.

Mukomboni si muma yard and NOT every household has a television set, or power connection.

Thus many people are often compelled to watch a football match in a neighbouring bar or tavern, and that is NOT a crime though some funny policemen thought otherwise and often fired tear gas at us.

What of these self-imposed curfews? Komboni people always do business even as late as 22.00 hours because of the hard economic pressure on them.

So how do you expect them to be indoors around that time? Are we not supposed to be free people?

Do not impose curfews on us that remove food from our tables because of your inefficiency and lack of capacity to solve a crime.

Soldiers had to be deployed to do the work specifically meant for the police because of the latter’s inability to perform their duties.

Despite residents reporting crime to police, our officers are only good at slapping people for no good reason.

I only wish they were equally skilled in maintaining peace in compounds and protecting the poor as much as they do to the rich.

In fact, if the police had a good relationship with the komboni people, many crimes like the ritual killings would be easily solved.

But the reality on the ground is that even one with little vital information fails to report to the police because the bond between the cops and the people is lackin

“Police ni va fake” is a common line in the hood. Wonder no more why several police stations catch fire, nor how and why many a police officer gets stoned by the people from the ghetto.

I urge the police command to take steps to upgrade capabilities of our police service and improve their relationship with Komboni people.

Unless this is done very soon, the incompetence of our police service is bound to lead us into great misery one day.

Concerned Citizen.


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