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THE Ugandan government has opened an inquiry against veteran   politician Vernon Mwaanga for insinuating that the general elections in that country were allegedly manipulated in favour of President Yoweri Muzeveni by Algrairi Printing and Publishing House, a Dubai-based printing company.

The inquiry has been opened through Zambia’s diplomatic mission in Tanzania for Dr Mwaanga to assist Kampala with information pertaining to the alleged rigged elections.

Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba confirmed receiving communication from Uganda in Lilongwe yesterday.

Addressing Zambian journalists at the Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe where he accompanied President Edgar Lungu on a one-day official visit,  Mr Kalaba said the development comes in the wake of a story published in The Post advising Zambian election stakeholders to verify facts that the Dubai-based firm which the Electoral Commission of Zambia had decided to award a tender for the printing of ballot papers for the August polls was the same company that had reportedly printed pre-marked ballots for the Uganda elections in February which helped Mr Museveni win.

Dr Mwaanga further advised Zambians to watch ECZ, warning that its insistence on printing ballot papers in Dubai against the will of stakeholders was poisoning the election atmosphere.

Dr Mwaanga challenged stakeholders to counter-check whether Algrairi Printing and Publishing House was the one that printed ballot papers for the 2016 Uganda general elections.

“It is important that stakeholders verify this Dubai company. I challenge the stakeholders to verify because there are reports that it is the same company that printed ballot papers in Uganda,” Dr Mwaanga warned.

He said the ECZ was being insensitive by ignoring realities on the ground and insisting on printing ballot papers in Dubai.


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